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Domains for Sale that we have listed with 1AND1.COM
This is a list of our domains that are registered at 1and1.com Most    of    my    domains    are    registered    with    1and1.com.    It    was    the    second Registrar   that   I   ever   used   when   I   started   collecting   domains   in   the   late   90’s.   I have   heard   in   the   past   from   other   domainers   that   some   people   had   some problems   or   some   type   of   issues   with   using   1and1.   I   can   say   for   sure   that   I have   used   them   for   more   that   ten   years   and   I   have   never   had   an   issue   with them.    In    fact    I    have    been    totally    satisfied    with    them    always.    Most    of    my domains   are   hosted   by   1and1   and   the   majority   of   my   email   accounts   are served   by   1and1.   I   am   a   very   happy   customer!   I   use   their   business   hosting package   and   pay   $30   every   three   months   for   this   service.   I   believe   if   you   open up an account with them you will not be sorry.
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