Frequently Asked Questions How to find your domain name? First look here of course. If you you can do an “online name search” by clicking on one of my affiliate links for Moniker, 1and1 or GoDaddy and use their “name search site” form and put the name you are looking for in their search boxes and they will usually let you know if it is available for registering or for purchase. They all have a “name search site” that you can fill in. How are domain names valued? The value of a domain name depends on many factors including Keywords, length, branding, popularity, demand, etc. Sometimes we use online appraisal services like But the most important value is how much someone is actually willing to pay for a domain name. Can I make an offer on a name? Yes, Peddle Domains will consider all bids. We may laugh at some of them but we will consider all serious offers. What payment options are offered? We prefer online payments from PayPal. This is the quickest way to make payment and receive your domain name. Credit Card payments are also accepted. We take M/C, Visa, Discover and American Express. We do accept company and personal checks but you must contact us prior to purchasing the name. All checks must clear, 7 to 10 days before a domain name is transferred. Can I make payments spread over time? (Like Lay Away) Yes we do have payment plans. At least 20% down payment required and then up to 4 equal monthly payments. We will initiate the transfer of your domain name after it is paid in full. How are domain names transferred? Once we receive your payment you will be sent transfer instructions by email. The transfer instructions include the username and password to the registrar account. Once you log-in to the account you can change the ownership information and name servers to set up your domain as you wish. How soon are domains transferred? Domain names are usually transferred within 24 to 48 hours of receiving PayPal payment Monday thru Friday depending on the registrar. You will be notified by email if a name transfer will take longer then 48 hours. Do you offer refunds? If a name cannot be transferred for any reason a full refund will be returned. Once a name is transferred refunds are not available. Some useful definitions for the Domaining world: CTR   =   Click   thru   Rate   (usually   in   percentage   format.   For   example   if   you   get   125   visits   per   day and 25 of those click on an ad then you have a 20% CTR (25/125 = .20 or 20%) RPC = Revenue per Click RPM = Revenue per Thousand Visitors CPC = Cost per Click Click = When someone selects a link and is redirected to somewhere else in internet land.
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